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Quikr Gulf is fastest growing Maket Place in Gulf.

Display your Business Listings , Products, Used Items , Resale Items to receive unlimited Buyers Inquires,

  • Easy to Register / Free Registration
  • Step by step guidance in terms of expanding your business
  • Facility available to Advertise, Market and exhibit your product using our various services
  • Global Platform / Global Business user / Specialized Industry database


Register yourself to go one step ahead from normal visitor. Basic Registration is free and has following benefits.

  • Represent your company in front of multiple Seller / Buyers of similar Industry
  • Receive Business inquiries and propositions. Responses directed in your personal email inbox
  • View Trade Fairs and get updated about current fairs.
  • Unlimited period of Membership
  • Increased connectivity with members
  • Post and view Tread Leads
  • Get data of other registered members.